Meet the Maker – Chatti Brown of Remy & Rose

Chloe Tate

This week in our ongoing Meet the Maker series, we’re getting to know Chatti Brown, the smart, driven and creative entrepreneur behind beautifully-branded soap company Remy & Rose!


Meet the Maker - Chatti Brown of Remy & Rose


LBC: What inspired you to take your leap as an entrepreneur?

Chatti: I started making soaps in 2009 but never thought about running my own bath and body company until family and friends urged me to start selling. Remy & Rose was born in 2013 and launched in November of 2014.


LBC: When you first got started, how did you envision your business would be defined?

Chatti: I wanted products that were beneficial to your skin but also beautiful. This is still the core of my company.


LBC: How would you describe what you create?

Chatti: Beautiful and intentional. Modern day homesteading.


LBC: Where can we find your products?

Chatti: You can find our products online via our shop or at brick and mortar locations via our stockists.


Meet the Maker - Chatti Brown of Remy & Rose


LBC: Walk us through your typical work day.

Chatti: My day normally starts with a workout at the gym. I find that if I exercise in the morning it starts me on the right track. Afterwards, I will tend the garden, eat a meal and check emails. If there are new orders, I will take care of them and post them in the mail. The rest of the day is devoted to making products, cutting soap logs for curing, and organizing inventory. Sometimes the day does not end till very late but I always make sure I have time for my husband. We cook and eat dinner together or rest in bed watching something on Netflix.


LBC: What are 3 things makers should think through when they initially decide to start a business?

Chatti: 1) Do you have a solid support system? There will be those who do not believe, who wonder why you left the comfortable 9-5 schedule, and who will gladly tell you what you should be doing with your time instead. It is easier not to listen to them if you surround yourself with people who also have the capacity to dream big.

2) Are you ready to work harder than you have ever worked your entire life? Owning a business is not easy work. There are definitely benefits but do know that in the first couple of years you will be putting in a lot of time. You are the boss which is great but YOU ARE THE BOSS. If decisions need to be made, if troubleshooting needs to happen it all falls on you. Have realistic expectations, always remember your passion, and don’t give up. Hard work means bigger rewards.

3) Do you have all your ducks in a row? These are the not so fun stuff but also the stuff that gets you into trouble if it hasn’t been done. Get your business and product liability insurance, file your taxes, etc. It can be a headache to think about but in the long run you’ll be happier and sleep better.


Meet the Maker - Chatti Brown of Remy & Rose


LBC: When you’re overwhelmed, what brings you back to focus?

Chatti: If I have a lot of angst swimming in my body I find that going out for a jog washes all that away. Otherwise, I light a candle and I knit. The rhythm and repetition of the process helps soothe me.


LBC: Tell us about a few of the best business decisions you’ve made to date.

Chatti: Learning to say no to projects or collaborations that do not align with my vision or branding. In the beginning I received a lot of emails from beauty bloggers who wanted to do reviews on my products. Had I been driven by fear, I would have said yes to each and everyone of them (even if their reach was limited or their blog not aesthetically pleasing) but I’ve learned not to make decision based out of fear.

I’m also proud of the branding because that is what makes us different. In the early stages when I talked about selling soap, people would assume it was easy because everyone buys soaps. That might be true but I knew that not everyone will buy my soap. The branding has been well thought out to target my audience. I still have more to figure out but I am glad that branding was a huge part of my business planning.


Meet the Maker - Chatti Brown of Remy & Rose


LBC: Please share one mistake or obstacle from your business experience. How did you bounce back/overcome it?

Chatti: Trying to do everything at once without help. I’m actually still in the midst of letting go of control so maybe in a few months we can revisit this question.


LBC: Is there a cause or organization that you contribute to that you’re particularly passionate about?

Chatti: I am also an art therapist and I truly believe in both art as therapy and art therapy. The creative process is so important in the lives of children and families. It has the capacity to heal and transform lives. Right now my organization, Boulder Art Therapy Collective, is raising money so that those who can not afford art therapy can come and benefit from it.


LBC: What are 3 essential resources in your business toolbox that you can’t do without?

Chatti: 1) Instagram

2) Accountant

3) You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero


Meet the Maker - Chatti Brown of Remy & Rose


LBC: Suppose we had a time machine. If you blasted ourselves forward a few years, where would we see your company?

Chatti: Remy & Rose would be moved from my home into a separate workshop with space for both production and local pickup. I’ll finally have employees and never have to package another order ever again!


LBC: Share one of your guiltiest pleasures.

Chatti: Red Vines.


LBC: What’s your spirit animal?

Chatti: Elephant.


LBC: Tell me a few of places on your travel “bucket list”.

Chatti: Iceland, Myanmar and Cuba.


Thank you, Chatti, for sharing your talent with us!  We absolutely love your work and we look forward to all the wonderful things ahead for Remy & Rose! We’re cheering you on…


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