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Chloe Tate

Not a day goes by at Lucky Break that we’re not positively *awed* by the astounding amount of talent within our creative community. As we worked on establishing our goals and priorities for 2014, one thing became very clear: we’d like to help share your goodness with the world and we’re committed to using this platform to shout your awesomeness from the virtual rooftop!


Each week this year, we’re featuring one of our favorite creative entrepreneurs. 52 weeks of shining stars + inspiring brilliance from amongst our ranks.  From ceramic artists to jewelry designers and beauty mavens to stationery creators, there’s a wealth of magic being made and we look forward to sharing it with you on “Meet the Maker Mondays.”


First up? One of our personal favorites: Debbie Chialtis of Soapy Love.


Debbie of Soapylove
Debbie of Soapylove


Launched in 2006, Debbie’s brand offers Glycerin Soapy Pops, books and eZines, and a line of Soapylove soap making supplies distributed by Bramble Berry.


We’ve been following Debbie’s career for a number of years and have always marveled at her talent of producing the coolest glycerin soaps while also serving as an educator and advocate for soap makers and small beauty manufactures.


We caught up with Debbie to learn more about how she got started and what she’s learned along her journey.


LBC: In what year was your business established? 
Debbie: Back in 2006! I started Soapylove as a hobby while I was pregnant and launched it online just a few months after my son was born. He has grown up with it and loves Soapylove as much as I do!


LBC: What is it that you make?
Debbie: Glycerin Soapy Pops, tutorial books and eZines, and a licensed line of Soapylove soap making supplies distributed by Bramble Berry. I come from a fashion background and love trends. This is a constant source of new ideas which I love translating into soap!


LBC: Where can we find your products?
Debbie: Soapy Pops are on my site,, and in stores around the world, and my publications and supply line are all available at


Soapylove soap making supplies.
Soapylove soap making supplies.


LBC: What is the best business decision you’ve ever made?
Debbie: To go for it! I remembering pushing our new baby in a stroller with my husband and talking it over – to sell or not to sell. With his encouragement I dove into the world of online sales and it’s been a wild and exciting ride! I encourage everyone to give it a shot. Why not?


LBC: What was the biggest obstacle you’ve encountered in business?
Debbie: The loss of a huge account. Wow – that was tough! I expanded maybe a little too fast and when that account stopped ordering I had to downsize again. It was an educational journey, that’s for sure! But I don’t regret a thing.


LBC: Where do you see your company 3 years from today?
Debbie: I see Soapylove as a place where soap makers can look for design inspiration and fresh new supplies for their crafting. I’d like to focus on the education and supply side going forward. New supplies are coming soon! Make sure to “Like” my FB page to find out more!


Soapy Pops by Soapylove
Soapy Pops by Soapylove


LBC: Can you share some of the best business advice you’ve received?
Debbie: Don’t worry too much about the copy cats. Just keep making new designs and the copiers will always be a step behind you. (Lela Barker – thank you!!!)


LBC: How has Lucky Break Consulting helped propel your business forward?
Debbie: Lela has been a mentor of mine since the very beginning. She reached out when I was really freaking out and talked me down. Her years of experience and hilarious sense of humor make learning really fun. I love Lela! I’ve also enjoyed Lela’s book “155 Words You Need To Know: Practical Wisdom For Creative Entrepreneurs.” For those of us learning how to run a business as we go, this is a huge help for learning about situations that we will face. This is chock full of great insight!!


Colorful Soapylove Soaps
Colorful Soaps Made With Soapylove Tutorials


Connect with Debbie + Soapylove all around the web:
Company Website


Thank you, Debbie, for sharing your pearls of wisdom with us. Wishing you many more years of success and a bright 2014!


Want to see your brand featured in our continuing “Meet the Maker Monday” series? Drop us a line: Please use “MEET THE MAKER” as the subject line and be certain to include your web address. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Once described as “relentlessly cheerful,” Chloe is a lover of all things colorful and practically every fruit known to man. She lives in Atlanta and divides her time between supporting Lucky Break clients, keeping shop at a local artisan market, and event planning for business conferences. She’s also working on the launch of her skincare line while finishing her degree in Organizational & Leadership Studies. True story: Chloe shares 50% of Lela’s DNA and is poised to inherit her obscenely large shoe collection.

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