Meet the Makers – Season & Brittney of Bitsy Blossom

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This week, in our ongoing “Meet the Marker Monday” series, we’re thrilled to introduce you to sisters, Season Scott and Brittney Calkins of Bitsy Blossom.


Season Scott and Brittney Calkins of Bitsy Bossom
Season Scott and Brittney Calkins of Bitsy Bossom


LBC: In what year was your business established? 
Season and Brittney: Bitsy Blossom was established in January of 2010.


LBC: What is it that you make?
Season and Brittney: Bitsy Blossom offers fanciful, designer, handmade soft-soled baby and toddler shoes.


LBC: Where can we find your products?
Season and Brittney: We mainly sell our products on


LBC: What is the best business decision you’ve ever made? 
Season and Brittney: The best business decision we ever made was turning our hobby of sewing baby shoes into an actual working business.


Gorgeous craftsmanship + details make Bitsy Blossom shoes a real treat.
Gorgeous craftsmanship + details make Bitsy Blossom shoes forever keepsakes.


LBC: What was the biggest obstacle you’ve encountered in business? 
Season and Brittney: The biggest obstacle that we’ve encountered thus far is that of rapid growth. We weren’t ready for the explosion of business that occurred and the struggles that come along with an expanding business.


Dapper baby boy shoes from Bitsy Blossom.
Dapper baby boy shoes from Bitsy Blossom.


LBC: Where do you see your company 3 years from today?
Season and Brittney: Three years from now we hope to have our own website and be manufacturing our designs in both soft and hard soles. We’d like to offer a line for ladies as well as the littles. We also hope to have the opportunity to put our products in major retailers across the US.


Charming Makers + Shoes. Sold on Etsy since 2010.


LBC: Can you share some of the best business advice or encouragement you’ve received?
Season and Brittney: Our friends and family have been a great encouragement in turning Bitsy Blossom into what it is today. They’ve helped us realize that our goals and dreams for this business really can happen with much prayer, dedication and patience. Our family has been the biggest support system the last few years. Our mother actually quit her job to help us full time with Bitsy Blossom. We’ve grown so rapidly in the last 2 years that we were in need of additional help. We are so grateful for the role our family has played.


Valentine's Day inspired shoes by Bitsy Blossom.
Valentine’s Day inspired shoes by Bitsy Blossom.


LBC: Are you night owls or early birds?
Season and Brittney: I think we’d both have to agree that, before kids, we both were night owls. At times, we still are, as we get most of our work done at night when the kiddos are in bed (ahh … peace and quiet). With kids, I think we’re forced to be early birds … so we’d say a little of both.


LBC: Can you tell me a joke?
Season and Brittney: We’re horrible at jokes … Why didn’t the melons get married? Because they cantaloupe!


LBC: Do you have a favorite quote?
Season and Brittney: We’ve been loving this shoe quote lately … “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” [by Marilyn Monroe].


Connect with Season and Brittney + Bitsy Blossom all around the web:

Company Website


Thank you, Season and Brittney, for sharing your talent with us. Wishing you great success!

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