Lucky Break September Calendar on iPad

The 2019 Lucky Break September Calendar

Angie Chua

Our September calendar is here! The kids are back in the school, you are prepping for all the holiday madness, and we here at LBC are cooking up some exciting things for you!

On the September Calendar

We are in full Brick House Branding mode with the winding down of our current Late Summer Semester of BHB, as well as the long-awaited Open Enrollment for the 2020 year.

Be sure to mark your September calendar for our free FB Live workshop on the topic of… you guessed it, branding!

And our monthly Think Tank Group call is scheduled which you don’t wanna miss because we have special guest Natasha from Nicely Built talking about all things email marketing! (you can join our Think Tank here!)

Be sure to download and print our calendar and monthly tracker by clicking the image below.

Lucky Break September Calendar on iPad

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Angie Chua

No one on God’s green earth can pull off brightly-colored lipstick and a fedora quite like Angie Chua. Her 6’5″ husband and Instagram-famous dog live with her in the world’s most adorable airstream trailer in San Jose. Angie is a talented hand letter, a proud Dachshund mama, and the brains behind bobo design studio– a lifestyle brand for those with a serious case of wanderlust. When not speaking at maker conferences, installing public art, or traveling in her Weinerbago, she’s busy making everything prettier at Lucky Break, managing our social media, and lending ground support to our clients.

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