Catching up with LBU Alumni: Tamara Lewis of Zandra Beauty

Lela Barker

Another week brings another opportunity to catch up with an LBU alum and I’m particularly excited to show off the hard work that’s been happening behind-the-scenes at the handmade bath and beauty line Zandra Beauty!


Tamara Lewis is guiding her daughter Zandra as she learns the entrepreneurial ropes. This spitfire of a young lady started her bath + body company in 2009, at the ripe “old” age of nine. Yes, nine. As in 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Before she exited elementary school.


Tamara + Zandra are graduates of the LBU Summer 2014 semester and I’ve been privileged to enjoy a front-row seat to the explosive growth + rebrand of their teen-centric product collection. When this mother-daughter duo entered my “how to wholesale” program, they decided that a rebrand + relaunch was in order. Let’s take a peek at the prior incarnation, known as “Azariah’s Innocence.”


The original logo for Azariah’s Innocence


An original product from the collection


Several items needed updating:

a) The custom illustrated logo was adorable, but it’s square shape made it difficult to efficiently incorporate into product packaging.

b) The company name was challenging to spell, potentially frustrating interested consumers who were searching for the product online. It was also a bit ambiguous- buyers were perplexed by its nature and nothing indicated that it was a beauty line.

c) Tamara + Zandra wanted a more modern brand aesthetic which spoke specifically to teens. They hoped that by narrowing + refining their focus, they’d gain more traction in the marketplace.

d) The collection had far too many products, limiting the ability to scale and spreading startup resources too thin.


Tamara + Zandra have worked diligently throughout 2014, participating in a complete rebrand (headed by Elea of the Lucky Break creative team) and graduating not only from LBU, but from my GMP program as well. This weekend, my team was honored to host them at Get Lucky Live Atlanta, my inaugural live event, where we rolled out the red carpet to bring their rebrand full-circle! Are you ready to see the new Zandra Beauty? Drumroll, please!


NewProduct1 NewProduct3Wowzers, right?


Less than six months from the spark of an idea to full implementation! The new branding is sleeker, more modern and the color palette + typography speaks directly to their target audience. Each product is infused with a positive affirmation, giving the Zandra Beauty brand a unique marketing position that really resonates with teens + their mothers.


Though branding curriculum is technically outside the realm of a traditional wholesale class, I’ve come to realize that no matter how seasoned the wholesale strategy I teach, good branding is at the cornerstone of success. The Module 2 branding curriculum is some of the most robust of the entire “Secrets to Wholesale Success” program and it’s been rated as the most helpful module by students for the last two semesters! This particularly comprehensive module is released early on in the LBU semester to carefully dissect successful brands, illustrating how those lessons can be applied to our creative businesses in order to hone in on our ideal customers, develop branding style guides  + compelling brand stories and create memorable customer experiences that build brand loyalty. As soon as Tamara completed Module 2, she knew that a rebrand was necessary to take the company to the next level. The new Zandra Beauty brand was brought to life this weekend at Get Lucky Live! through new product photography, drop-dead-awesome editorial shots, new headshots for both Tamara + Zandra and hot-off-the-presses line sheets + order forms.













We shielded all of the photography + graphic design work from our Atlanta participants, until the final hour of this 3-day workshop. Our “Big Reveal” party projected the final results onto a big screen while we sipped champagne and Jay-Z thumped in the background. Here was the reaction as Tamara + Zandra said the new brand for the first time…




The energy in that room was electric and tears were shed. And then I got to do it over + over again, revealing professional brand elements for each of our GLL attendees. It made every moment of blood, sweat + tears that we poured into the Get Lucky Live! experience incredibly worthwhile.


“At Get Lucky Live, I’ve learned so much about what I have to do to make my business the best it can be.”– Zandra


“This has been the best business weekend ever. Thank you to the Lucky Break team for providing the opportunity for us to give our business the attention needed to make it a success. This event has been life-changing.” -Tamara


Get Lucky Live! will roll through Chicago, LA and New York in 2015 and we’d love to save a seat for you. Read more about Get Lucky Live! events and then hop on the Get Lucky Live! mailing list to be the first to know when our red carpet branding experiences touches down in a city near you.


The rebranded Zandra Beauty website is still in the works and the company is moving into new, larger headquarters in Buffalo, NY. In the meantime, you’re invited to connect with Tamara + Zandra on social media. Let them know what you think of all their hard work + keep your eyes on this brand. They’re set to make some serious waves in the beauty category!


Zandra Beauty on Facebook
Zandra Beauty on Twitter
Zandra Beauty on Instagram


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  1. Shawnell

    Gosh, that just warmed my heart. I love what you do and how you share what you’ve learned through your own experiences and your transparency. Continue doing what you’re doing and I’ll continue to be a follower of yours. I hope to one day attend one of your seminars/classes. Great job and congrats to their rebranding it looks AMAZING!

    1. Tamara

      Thank you so much ladies. It really means a lot. I have to say this year had been a Lela Barker- LBU kind of year and we have loved every part of the struggle. Elea Lutz ROCKS! bottom line.

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