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Chloe Tate


Today we are talking about breaking business bad habits. Each month, I ask my Instagram community to join me in a focused, crowd-sourced discussion on a specific subject.  For the month of January, we’ve been rolling up our sleeves to chat about beginning of the year planning. This blog is part one of three… I’ll be collecting your thoughts and sharing them here all month!

Breaking Business Bad Habits



  • shoprarejoule: Not being organized. I’m learning how to streamline this year.
  • smallcompanyartworks: I want joy to be the litmus test for more of my business decisions. Not just the direction to take my art, but what to outsource, sales channels, etc.
  • bobodesignstudio: Planning and being less reactive. Even if that means planning one quarter ahead.
  • starblastco: Poor cash flow management and budgeting. Read Profit First last month so I got all my systems in place to never let that happen again!
  • bubblesbabez: Trying to leave behind procrastination, but it won’t leave me alone.
  • mistybluebotanicals: I’m going to embrace wholesaling this year!
  • maiookshop: I’m striving to be more consistent, more brave and more proactive this year.
  • trulyblessedmaneke: I’m leaving my perfection cloak in the dust! It was SO heavy & it slowed me down in 2018.  I’d much rather wear my cloak of accomplishment when I tackle my to-do-list like a BOSS!!!! I know I can always improve.
  • kidessenceshop: I want to keep a positive mindset and be better at follow-through on my plans. Towards the end of last year, I was so burnt out from focusing on my fears in my business that some of those fears became a reality. If I keep a positive mindset 100% and take those failures and turn them into successes this year, I know I can meet some great goals.


I’ve noticed a few habits that many of us lug around, though they aren’t really serving our businesses. My goals for Lucky Break clients are to eliminate clutter (both mental and physical), to establish parameters that help encourage solid, focused work habits, and to help them build a support network. To that end, here are my top tips for calibrating yourself for success in the new year.

MUTE YOUR NOTIFICATIONS. You know all those things that buzz, ding, and whirl? The constant inundation of alerts and notifications contributes to mental overwhelm and they break focus every time they make noise. You needn’t be notified when someone places an order, sends an email, favorites a picture, likes your page, or shouts you out on Twitter. Remove all audible notifications and ensure that your email isn’t auto-checking throughout the day. Recalibrate these systems so that you’re in control of when you review information, not the other way around.

Along those same lines:  Flipd is my new favorite app. It prevents me from constantly peeking at my phone and indulging my ADD when I should be focusing on other work tasks.  Give it a try… it’ll change your life!

GET YOUR INBOX TO “ZERO.” This is what I lovingly call “The New Year Purge.” All those stray emails that have collected for months need some TLC, ASAP. Set aside a few hours and quickly go through your entire inbox. Answer whatever is outstanding and discard the rest. You have no idea how good a “zero inbox” feels until you’ve experienced it!

CLEAN OUT YOUR OFFICE. Continuing that theme: Tidy up your workspace. Remove clutter, file or discard papers, and reorganize if needed. Whipping your office into shape changes the way you feel when you sit down at your desk and is well worth the investment of an hour or two.

LET GO OF FRUSTRATIONS, BETRAYALS, AND PERCEIVED FAILURES. Letting go of angst and negative narratives is a brilliantly cathartic exercise. I like to take a handful of index cards, inscribe a single grievance on each one, and then toss them into a roaring fire. Whether it’s a frustration with myself, displeasure with a teammate, jealousy of a competitor, or the disappointment in an unrealized expectation, I inevitably feel lighter as I read each one aloud while watching my cares from last year melt into ash. Whatever happened exists exclusively in the past, unless we allow ourselves to be burdened by the energy. Making a conscious decision not to carry negative energy into the new year is both freeing and productive.

FIND YOUR PEOPLE. Many of us do business alone, to the detriment of both our company and our mental health. Seeking out like-minded entrepreneurs with whom we can brainstorm, be held accountable, and resource-share makes the journey far less arduous. Identify three souls with whom you can relationship-build this year, even if it’s just virtually. Establish a time to do a weekly check-in to ensure this becomes part of your regular routine.


Be sure to stop by the Lucky Break Instagram, where every month we chat about all things business. I’d love to hear your thoughts and hope you’ll lend your voice. Search the #LBCWantstToKnow hashtag to weigh in! In February, we’ll be diving into wholesale.

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