Lucky Break Isn’t Simply For Beauty Brands!

Lela Barker

Since Lucky Break launched in late 2012, I’ve had the great privilege of working with a few hundred creative brands from all around the word, from San Francisco to Brooklyn and Sydney to Hong Kong. I launched my first company, a globally-inspired spa brand, in 2003 so I earned my stripes in the bath + body industry. I’ve slept, breathed and dreamed cosmetics for more than a decade; but, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in business, it’s that product-based brands have more in common than not, regardless of the specific category you’re operating in.


I sometimes hear from makers and creative entrepreneurs that they didn’t realize that I work with brands across the creative spectrum, but ’tis true! I’ve rolled up my sleeves and dug in deep on brand building with paper brands, jewelry designers, gourmet food makers and apparel designers down under. I’ve learned something from each + every one and that breadth of experience helps me serve all of the brands that I work with more effectively.


Check out a few dozen of my favorite brands, each of which I’ve been honored to guide through the mazes of wholesale strategy, product pricing, and brand building. These savvy makers have built gorgeous brands with soul and I’m tremendously proud of their hard work.



Blue Flour Bakery

Hudson Henry Granola

Waxing Kara



Etta + Billie

Rachel’s Plan Bee

Handcrafted HoneyBee

Cloud Nine Soap

Zandra Beauty







Happee Monkee

Print Therapy

Everything Little Miss

Sparklefly Candle Co.

Munch Mitt



The Smallest Tribe

The Glitsea Gypsy

Cultural Detour

Kendra Renee Jewelry

Bead For Life

Dear Edna




Unique PL8Z


Lucky Break is the embodiment of everything I wish I had known when I founded my first company. It’s an opportunity to avoid the pitfalls, frustrations and resource drains that too often ambush the journey. It’s a chance to get things right the first time or reinvent what’s not working and build a brand with strong architecture at its core and a gorgeous vision to share with the world. I created these products and services because I’m intimately familiar with the kind of work you do, and I know how to make that work more efficient, less painful and heaps more rewarding.


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About the Author

Lela Barker

Lela Barker hails from the deep-and-dirty south (ATL, represent!), where she spends her days helping makers and product designers navigate the pitfalls of product pricing, brand development, and wholesale strategy. She launched her apothecary brand in 2003 and bootstrapped the hell out of that little business to cultivate a portfolio of 1500+ stockists worldwide, generating $12million in revenue and establishing successful distributorships in the Middle East, EU, Scandinavia, and South Korea. Lela is the keeper of a well-worn passport and the maker of the finest lemon meringue pie you’ve ever put in your mouth.

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