There’s an exciting new way to enjoy LBU!

Lela Barker

Have you met my beloved LBU? It’s a pretty amazing program for makers of all stripes, designed to infuse emerging creative brands with savvy business strategy. It’s my pride and joy and I’ve invested more than 3,000 hours into making it the go-to how-to-wholesale program. I’ve had the great pleasure of graduating more than 120 of the coolest entrepreneurs you’d ever want to meet from the LBU Live program.


But I’m often approached by creative brands who need specific pieces of the LBU program, though perhaps not the program in its entirety. Or entrepreneurs who need access like, yesterday.  I’ve been meditating on a solution for almost a year and I’m doing-cartwheels-excited to launch my LBU On Demand program.


Although the LBU modules layer and build upon one another, LBU On Demand is a convenient new way to take advantage of only the curriculum pieces you need, on a schedule you design. With the click of a few buttons, you can reserve the class modules you need and be off at the races by tomorrow morning. I tuck the curriculum into your personalized Virtual Classroom here on the Lucky Break website and you can study at your own pace, on whatever schedule you need.


The curriculum is shared between the LBU Live and LBU On Demand programs- it’s identical in nature, but the experience of the LBU Live and the LBU On Demand programs are quite different.


LBU Live vs. LBU On Demand


The LBU Live program focuses on community building and direct support from me. It’s comprehensive and an intimate group of makers work synergistically through the program together, as I cheer them on, answer questions and offer support. LBU On Demand is more specially targeted (since modules are consumed one-by-one), and is a completely independent, self-paced, self-study program. I’m happy to offer support through wholesale private strategy sessions.


This thoughtfully curated curriculum has helped launch strong and successful wholesale programs, enabled graduates to score national press and quit their jobs to work full-time building the businesses they’ve been dreaming about. If you’re serious about getting your products out of he garage on onto the shelves, then I hope you’ll consider tagging in LBU to help you level-up your business game.


Module 1: Product Development + Pricing is now available, and the other five modules of the LBU Live program will be coming online between now and the end of March. Have your eye on a specific module? Peek at the 2015 Lucky Break calendar and you’ll know precisely when the next module will make its big debut!


One quick note: If you’re building your wholesale program from the ground up, I encourage you to work through the LBU On Demand modules in succession.


If something has been holding you back from participating in LBU? Leave a comment below and let’s talk about it!



About the Author

Lela Barker

Lela Barker hails from the deep-and-dirty south (ATL, represent!), where she spends her days helping makers and product designers navigate the pitfalls of product pricing, brand development, and wholesale strategy. She launched her apothecary brand in 2003 and bootstrapped the hell out of that little business to cultivate a portfolio of 1500+ stockists worldwide, generating $12million in revenue and establishing successful distributorships in the Middle East, EU, Scandinavia, and South Korea. Lela is the keeper of a well-worn passport and the maker of the finest lemon meringue pie you’ve ever put in your mouth.

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