4 responses on “Thinking about hiring a designer through Fiverr or 99designs? Please think again…

  1. Marsha Kelly

    Thanks for sharing your expertise based on your entrepreneurial experience. I agree your logo branding is too valuable to trust to Fiverr. Being like you a cash-strapped startup I tried Fiverr, thinking I would save money. But since the logos were so ugly and unusable I ended up losing money.

  2. Karesa Blagrove

    I’m not in full agreement with your opinion that all you can get from using Fiverr or 99Design are “Pretty”. Every project begins with a creative brief and that is what directs the designer in achieving the objectives. If that creative brief is not detail enough then chances are the designer will not produce an end product that fits the goal. If the individuals looking to use these platforms are not experienced in writing strong creative briefs and dont know what they are looking for then they are better suited to work with an individual designer.

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