What Kind of Brands Does Lucky Break Work With?

Lela Barker

Lucky Break recently celebrated its fifth birthday (damn, that makes me feel old!). It’s sometimes hard for me to believe that I began this journey that many years ago! For a long time, I believed that my first company (an apothecary brand catering to the spa market) was the alpha and omega of my career.  It was my one and only plan. I was obsessed with building an empire… reinventing myself from single-mom-on-food-stamps to self-reliant-role-model-for-my-girls.


But after spending a decade building that skincare company, I launched Lucky Break to help other makers and product designers avoid some of the pitfalls I had become snagged in as I grew my business. I had made so many mistakes (sooooo damn many) in those early years and I relished the thought of helping other entrepreneurs avoid some of the landmines as they navigated their own entrepreneurial landscape.


Truth be told: I had no idea how to best deliver curriculum when I launched Lucky Break. I’d never attended a webinar or built a PowerPoint. But I had bootstrapped a multi-million dollar business. And I had a tremendous passion for helping others, even though I didn’t necessarily have a firm grasp on what kinds of entrepreneurs would tag me into the ring to help. Helping others on this wild ride of owning a business helps me evolve my crash-and-burn mistakes into key business lessons, deep empathy, and an uncanny ability to understand the challenges facing modern artisan businesses. So I put my nose to the grindstone and cultivated the tools, techniques, and strategies that have become Lucky Break’s hallmarks over the past few years.


In honor of Lucky Break’s fifth birthday, I indulged in a leisurely walk down memory lane.  As I poured over my client list, I was struck by how incredibly varied it is.  Some brand owners come to me in the pre-launch phase. Others seek out my help after they’ve been hitting the pavement for a few years. And sometimes I have the opportunity to help refresh or reinvent a business that’s been around for a decade or more! There’s not just diversity in the length of my client’s business journeys or their annual revenues, but a tremendous diversity in the kinds of artisan products I have the pleasure of working with, too.


I curated a list of some of my favorite clients and I thought you might enjoy a peek. Some have put Price-O-Matic (my pricing software tool) to good use. Others have worked more intimately with me on their brand development via Brick House Branding. I’ve created gorgeous line sheets to put their best foot forward with retailers, and I’ve helped many of them reach out to new retailers via my Wholesale Matchmaker service. However we’ve ultimately worked together, it’s been an honor to help nudge these savvy brand owners in the right direction while avoiding some of the trickier pitfalls along the way.


I hope you’ll explore their sites and throw some love in their direction!


Lucky Break Clients - Pen + Pillar


Native Bear
Of Unusual Kind
Smudge Ink
Pigment & Parchment
Whimsy + Wild
Little Truths Studio
Arden Hands Studio
Best Day Ever
Indigo Ember
Unicorn Crafts
Wholesome Soul
The Pursuit of Cocktails
Print Therapy
Tiny Bones 
Print Arms
Tick Tock Press
Studio Pep
Fresh Out Of Ink
Paper Berry Press
Studio MME
California Lustre
Type Shy



Lucky Break Clients - Osmia Organics
Osmia Organics


Stewart & Claire
Azalia Spa Goods
French Girl Organics
Comfort & Joy Apothecary
Sweet & True Sugaring Co.
Sigil Scent
Leahlani Skincare
Bambu Earth
Outlaw Soaps
Osmia Organics
Rachel’s Plan Bee
Lily De Mai
Oyin Handmade
Thorn & Bloom
Goodnight Darling Co.
CeeCee & Bee
Pure Thoughts
Vertere Skin Care
Barnwell Co.
Wild Air Skincare
True North
Femme Noire
Ambika Herbals
Etta + Billie
Yuzu Soap
Wildflower Gypsy
Miyu Beauty
Blossom’s Barn
Pep Soap
Burly Stone
Black Ship Grooming Co.


Lucky Break Clients - Standard Wax
Standard Wax


Standard Wax 
Opal & Wonder
Sawdust & Embers
Southern Elegance Candle Company
Sparklefly Candle Company


Lucky Break Clients - Waxing Kara
Waxing Kara


Hudson Henry Granola
Blue Flour Bakery
Dell Cove Spices
Waxing Kara
Artisan Sugars
Prana Foods
Plum Deluxe Teas


Lucky Break Clients - Elizabeth Benotti
Elizabeth Benotti Handmade Ceramics


Unique Pl8z
Elizabeth Benotti Handmade Ceramics
Quiet Clementine
Claire Crowe’s Alchemy Collection
Wood & Barrel Co.
Small Company Artworks
Oh! You’re Lovely
Apricity Ceramics
Happee Monkee


Lucky Break Clients - Siamese Social Club
Siamese Social Club


Treats for Chickens
North Range Dogs
Siamese Social Club
The Blissful Dog
Big Daddy Biscuits


Lucky Break Clients - Inkling


Hi Tree! 
Modern Moose
Goobie Baby
Venetian Decor Oh Baby
Sasa Loo
Euphoric Herbals
Because of Zoe
Handcrafted HoneyBee
Zoe Organics
Baby Blossom Company
Hemmed In


Lucky Break Clients - Zenned Out
Zenned Out


Zenned Out
Izaskun Zabala
Kate & Moose
Kendra Renee
Amy Bond Glass
Jen Crowe Studio
Marja Germans Gard Studio
Tree Myriah
Charliemadison Originals
Zoe & Piper
Raegen Knight Jewelry
Beth Jewelry
Cindy Liebel
Alexander Betty
With Care Jewelry
Tiny Hands
Freshie & Zero
Laura Tanner Jewelry


Lucky Break Clients - Tal Angel
Tal Angel


James Vincent Design Co.
Wee Rascals
Tal Angel
Married & Bright
Pineapple Grip Socks
Mr. ShorTie


About the Author

Lela Barker

Lela Barker hails from the deep-and-dirty south (ATL, represent!), where she spends her days helping makers and product designers navigate the pitfalls of product pricing, brand development, and wholesale strategy. She launched her apothecary brand in 2003 and bootstrapped the hell out of that little business to cultivate a portfolio of 1500+ stockists worldwide, generating $12million in revenue and establishing successful distributorships in the Middle East, EU, Scandinavia, and South Korea. Lela is the keeper of a well-worn passport and the maker of the finest lemon meringue pie you’ve ever put in your mouth.

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