2 responses on “The Birth of a Logo (and how I almost drove my designer crazy)

  1. The Nova Studio

    I’m so glad you decided to be Lucky Break instead of Lucky Freak 😉 There are some great tips here that we didn’t manage to take advantage of when we did our (very minor) rethinking of our logo. There may be some further work to do there for us!

  2. Susan Varga

    As an ex and recovering logo designer….this timeline blew me away. Buy that girl a drink! (I’m sure you did more than that). Thanks for sharing….I just put my company design attempts across the coffee table for a friendly critique. What a relief when my pal picked the one that best reflects my soul. My logo reflects my soul, the branding comes next. Thanks again for generously sharing your process Lela. Blows the cob-webs off every time.

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